Motivations for Movement

Springdance, Emio Greco – Extra Dry

Springdance, Emio Greco - Extra Dry


‘Motivations for Movement’ (2012) is an interview/video-essay on the movement material of the dance-company Emio Greco / PC and the motivations of two dancers in their work.

Simultaneously it is a project about the basic human – and animal – need to move and express oneself. The conversations with Victor Callens and Sawami Fukuoka brought me to make a comparison between the movement material of Emio Greco / PC and some principles of Peter Levine’s theory of the human body and trauma healing, in an essay called ‘Trauma and Trauma Healing. Movement, Dance and Performance‘ (2016).


Victor Callens                                                                                 Sawami Fukuoka


0. Introduction

0.1 Emio Greco / PC  /  0.2 Navigating through the project


Part 1. Victor and Sawami 

1.1-1.7 Childhood, motivations for dancing, experiences with dance, first meetings with the work of Emio Greco / PC and some beautiful poetic thoughts on animals, space and prayer.

Part 2. The Work of Emio Greco / PC 

2.1 Strangeness and following the law of nature

2.2 Life force

2.3-2.6 Breaking through (different meanings of..)

2.7 The final scene of ‘Extra Dry’

2.8 Tuning into and serving ‘something bigger’

2.9 The ‘Real I’ to come out

2.10 Reality

2.11 A thin line



addicted  /  animals  /  ballet  /  being equal  /  breaking through  / channeling  / Emio’s body  /  expression  /  fear  /  happy  /  immediate  / jumping exercise  / law of nature  /  life force  /  motor  /  not breaking through  /  opening chest  /  ‘real I’  /  reality  /  reborn  /  shaking it off  / shared between bodies  / space  / spiritual  /  stomach  /  strange  /  survival  / un/locking  / thin line

Double Points: 1  /  Double Points: 2  /  Extra Dry


Part 3. Concluding texts

3.1 Victor: Breaking through (2012)

3.2 Sawami: The ‘real I’ (2012)


Part 4. Essay

Trauma and Trauma Healing. Movement, Dance and Performance.

A Comparison between the Movement Material of Emio Greco / PC and Some Principles of Peter Levine’s Theory of the Human Body and Trauma Healing.

– written by Bram Vreeswijk (2016)


Polar Bear Not Getting Traumatized (3 min)


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